A caretaker and a cook are available to you. You can either buy provisions and request that your meals be prepared by the cook or ask the cook to buy provisions and prepare the meals for you.

Basic provisions can be bought at the local grocery shop. The nearest town is Tissamaharama located 10KM away. The cook is skilled in preparing Sri Lankan dishes, but take care to inform him of your preferences for spice levels.

A specialty of the cook is a signature barbeque dinner. A fresh “Paraw and / or Mullet” fish for this barbeque can be bought at the adjoining “Kirinda” fisheries harbour. It is best that you assign the task of buying the fish to the cook as he is an expert at it. If you require specialty meat items, it is best that you buy them en-route and transport them in your Igloo.

The cook will also prepare a picnic basket for you when you visit the National Park in the morning. A simple meal of “Pol Sambol” or “egg” sandwiches is the equivalent of caviar on toast when you alight from you vehicle at the “Patanangala” beach inside the Yala National Park. It is one of the very few areas inside the park where you can alight from your vehicles.

Water (19 ltr American Water) bottles will be provided and is available at the Panthera Lodge. We provide linen and toiletries such as toilet paper and soap along with towels.

If needed meals can be purchased and made by the Bungalow cook. At least one week’s advance notice is needed for such preparation. For details of price and menus please call Rukshan (+94 77 9131163  / +94 11 2375332).

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Useful Tips

•     Make sure to inform the cook, your menu preferences for your next meal during the previous meal.
•     Since Kirinda is predominantly a Muslim area, you may not find pork in the vicinity and the only meat you may find in the area will be chicken. However you can always buy fresh fish from the Kirinda fisheries harbour if you get to the harbour around 8.30 am.
•     Should you not reach the lodge before 8.00 PM on the day of your arrival, it is advised that you make arrangements to have your meals prior to your arrival at the lodge or buy prepared meals from a restaurant along the way.