Do’s and Dont’s


•    Check out by 11AM.
•    Give the menu & meal times to the cook at the previous meal.
•    Bring all your groceries, including spices, oil, flour, meats. Vegetables could be purchased at the Tissa Pola. Fish could be bought at the Kirinda Harbor.


•    Play loud music.
•    Feed stray and / or wild animals i.e., Dogs, Cats etc.
•    Remove any bungalow property i.e. crockery, cutlery, linen for any reason what so ever.
•    Bring in any game meat, cooked or otherwise.
•    Bring any firearm of any type including air rifles, guns or pistols.
•    Light Camp fires in the garden.
•    Exceed the maximum no of guests (12 including children over 5)
•    Bring pets. Wash Vehicles.

Safari Tips

1.    Get your park permit from the park office (Palatupana) for each entry prior to going into the park. You will be provided with a tracker by the office. Cost per local is Rs. 70/-. Foreign passport holder is Rs. 2500/-. Each vehicle will be Rs. 200/-. To all this, all relevant statutory taxes will be added. At the end of each trip, a customary tip to the tracker of about Rs. 300/- or more is given
2.    For maximum sightings, be inside the park at first light and / or early evening until dusk.  
3.    Wear Earthy Colors into the park. Do not wear bright colors.
4.    Take plenty of drinking water into the park.
5.    Take plenty of sun protection.
6.    Take snacks, biscuits etc into the park, but DO NOT dispose of wrappers in the park.

*Please note that Management is not liable for any damage and / or loss of personal belongings or injury.